Marine Flooring

Marine flooring is an important piece of your boating experience.

Our marine flooring solutions can help reduce slippage, keep you comfortable and contribute to the beauty of your boat!

Yes, it’s that important. A boat deck is the last place you want to slip. Plus, it takes foot traffic – often lots of it – along with spills, equipment, and the general wear-and-tear of years on the water.

At Bayview Yachts, we are pleased to offer Ultradeck Marine Flooring. There are a variety of reasons for this, not the least of which being, in 35+ years’ of working with yachts, it’s the best marine flooring we’ve ever worked with.

Why we offer Ultradeck marine flooring

Why Ultradeck? If you want the quick answer to that, it comes down to this:

  • It’s tough
  • It’s light
  • It’s made in BC
  • It has excellent heat resistance
  • It has high UV resistance (With no colour change)
  • It doesn’t absorb water
  • It insulates
  • It lasts!

We’re authorized dealer for Ultradeck for a reason. We love the product, from its closed cell and chemically cross-linked construction to the reliability it offers, its quick order turn-around time and its many stock colour options.

Marine floors take a beating. Ultradeck is a name you can trust.

Speak with us about marine flooring

We’re happy to work with whatever your needs might be, help you choose the right Ultradeck flooring option and/or make your boat a fun and safe place for you and your passengers. Contact us today.

Contact us at Bayview Marine if you have questions about marine flooring or custom floor solutions for your boat.